Senior/Staff Frontend Engineer ⌨️

This position is for senior or staff frontend React engineers, but we are also happy to interview non-senior level backend engineers, so do not hesitate to apply! The position is 100% remote, and we are able to hire in most countries.

Polar Signals has entities in the US and Germany. For other countries we currently use Remote, checkout the Country Explorer to see which countries are supported. We apologize if your country of residence is not supported yet, Remote is working hard to expand the list of possible countries.

Learn more about our company values, benefits and goals here.

The work you will do

  • Build and maintain the open source project Parca.
  • Build out Polar Signals' continuous profiling product and other future SaaS products.
  • Design and build visualizations for profiling data.
  • Implement high quality and well-tested code that you are not afraid to push on production multiple times a day.
  • Continuously improve performance and optimize the frontend code.
  • Write design docs and propose new features.
  • Mentor, collaborate, debug together with a passionate team.

Our frontend stack

  • NextJS
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • gRPC-web
  • Vercel
  • Netlify

Who are we looking for

You have extensive experience shipping Single Page Applications on large-scale production systems using React and Typescript. Bonus for experience with gRPC-web.

Things considered a plus but not mandatory

  • Experience with Tailwind.
  • Experience with creating visualizations with d3 or directly drawing on canvas.
  • UX design experience.

Our interview process

Our entire interview process is remote done via google meet and we never ask you to do any coding live, or whiteboarding unless you choose to.

  1. You will first have an introduction call with one of our employees. This will mainly be a screening interview, where we want to get to know you, but also to answer any questions you might have about the role or company.
  2. Second interview is conversational, it primarily focuses on your working experience and digs into specifics of some points.
  3. Third and last interview is a technical interview.

How to apply

Apply by emailing to with your CV and cover letter that explains a bit about yourself, why you are right for this position, and why you want to work with us.