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Graph Tooltip Details

Here are some detailed explanations of the information that is displayed in the graph tooltip.

Graph Tooltip


This is the total number of times the function has been called. This is the sum of all the samples that have been collected for this function. The graph visually presents the cumulative samples as a continuous line.


In compare mode, the Diff value shows the variance in samples between the current graph and the compared graph. A positive value indicates more function calls in the current graph, while a negative value indicates more calls in the compared graph. If the function call count is the same in both graphs, the Diff value is omitted.

Graph Tooltip in Compare mode


The name of the file that the function is in. If the file is not in the project, it will be displayed as an absolute path. If the file is in the project, it will be displayed as a relative path. If you've uploaded the source code to our servers, you can click on open button to open the file in the source code viewer and see profiling data inlined with your code.


The memory location of the function. It serves as a reference to the function's position in memory. The addresses are presented in hexadecimal format and start with the prefix 0x.


The name of the binary that the function is in. Using the Binary-based Color Stack feature, you can identify the most expensive binaries in the rendered flamegraph.

Build ID

The build ID of the binary that the function is in. The build ID is a unique identifier for the binary. It is used to match the binary to the debug information that is stored in the symbol server.


This is used to indicate that the function was inlined. The value is either "Yes" or "No".