Continuous Profiler Cumulative Metrics

Our first major feature since our product launch: cumulative profiling metrics!

March 23, 2021

Today we are pleased to introduce the "Cumulative Metrics" feature for Polar Signals Continuous Profiler. These are metrics calculated from the profiles written to Polar Signals representing the total CPU/memory that the profile describes in detail.

In case you missed the initial product launch check out the announcement.

Before cumulative metrics

Since announcing the Polar Signals Continuous Profiler last month, we have been working closely with beta testers and quickly realized, most users begin their exploration using metrics as a starting point to find the time-frame they are interested in viewing profiles from and only then started querying Polar Signals Continuous Profiler.

With cumulative metrics

With cumulative metrics support, users can view profiles as metrics time-series over time. To quote "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" by Edward R. Tufte, "Time-series displays are at their best for big data sets with real variability. Why waste the power of data graphics on simple linear changes, which can usually be better summarized in one or two numbers?"

Cumulative metrics have already been calculated and recorded in production for the past two weeks, so all current users can seamlessly start using cumulative profiling metrics starting today!

Private beta

Cumulative metrics is a feature, that we thought even before our launch was a good idea, but the feedback from our private beta users gave us all the more confidence, that this was the best feature to implement next.

Polar Signals Continuous Profiler is in private beta, and we are in the process of onboarding users to our private beta. If you want to participate, request access!

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