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Our pricing is based on a usage-based model which means you only pay for the profiling data you send to us.
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for 14 days
A 14 day trial experience to experience Polar Signals Cloud and get acquainted with how useful continuous profiling can be to your infrastructure and application.
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per 10GB sent per month
A usage-based plan for teams with unlimited access to Polar Signals Cloud. Only pay for what you use with no fixed contract.
What’s included:
Unlimited collaborators
Profile Multiple Languages
Unlimited Organizations
Unlimited Projects
Discord & Slack Support
Get started with profiling
For bigger businesses, looking for Premium Enterprise Support, custom SLA’s, or very large deployments.
All features in Pro Plan plus:
Custom Contracts
Volume Discounts
Premium Enterprise Support
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Pricing Calculator
Estimate your usage when using Polar Signals Cloud. On average 1 vCPU produces 0.2GB per month.
250 vCPUs50 GiB
Frequently asked questions
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How far back can I query profiled data?
Is there a discount for high-volume data profiling?
How often is the billing cycle?
Does profiling data contain sensitive information?
Is the data in Polar Signals Cloud encrypted at rest?

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