Continuous Profiling
for Every Codebase

Polar Signals is a continuous profiling project for applications and infrastructure. It helps you save money, improve performance and understand incidents better.


Save Money

Save Money

Many organizations have 20-30% of resources wasted with easily optimized code paths. The Polar Signals Agent aims to lower the entry bar by requiring 0 instrumentation for the whole infrastructure. Deploy in your infrastructure and get started!

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Using profiling data collected over time, Polar Signals can with confidence and statistical significance determine hot paths to optimize. Additionally, it can show differences between any label dimension, such as deploys, versions, and regions.

Understand Incidents

Understand Incidents

Profiling data provides unique insight and depth into what a process executed over time. Memory leaks, but also momentary spikes in CPU or I/O causing unexpected behavior, are traditionally difficult to troubleshoot but are a breeze with continuous profiling.

What is Polar Signals?

Polar Signals is a continuous profiling product for applications and infrastructure. It helps you save money, improve performance and understand incidents better.

Continuous profiling is the act of taking profiles (such as CPU, Memory, I/O and more) of programs in a systematic way. Parca collects, stores and makes profiles available to be queried over time. It features a powerful multi-dimensional data model, storage and query engine specifically designed for profiling data. Find out more in the Overview.

eBPF Profiler
eBPF Profiler

A single profiler, using eBPF, automatically discovering targets from Kubernetes or SystemD across the entire infrastructure with very low overhead. Supports C, C++, Rust, Go, and more!

Optimized Storage & Querying
Optimized Storage & Querying

Efficiently storing profiling data while retaining raw data and allowing slicing and dicing of data through a label-based search. Aggregate profiling data infrastructure wide, view single profiles in time or compare on any dimension.

Open Standards
Open Standards

Supports any pprof formatted profiles allowing for wide language adoption and interoperability with existing tooling.


Open Source is part of our DNA. Polar Signals originally created the Parca project, and maintains it.


What languages are currently supported?

Our agent supports all compiled languages, eg. C, C++, Rust, Go (with extended support for Go). With native libraries, any pprof formatted profile can be written to Polar Signals. Further language support coming in the upcoming weeks and months.

What overhead does running always-on profiling have?
Does this mean Polar Signals has our binaries and our code?
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"Polar Signals allows us to troubleshoot and identify memory and CPU issues faster than ever before!"

Sandor Szücs Platform Engineer at Zalando