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Continuous profiling is the act of taking profiles of programs in a systematic way. Polar Signals Continuous Profiler collects, stores and makes profiles available to be queried over time. Using Polar Signals Continuous Profiler organizations can:

  1. Save money on their cloud bill, by optimizing unnecessary resource usage
  2. Boost conversion rate, by improving latency
  3. Save an SRE team's time and stress, by make their system overall more performant and reliable

Built on our experience at

building and maintaining

Low impact

Polar Signals Continuous Profiling uses low impact profiling techniques so profiles can always be collected across your infrastructure for comprehensive understanding when it is needed most.

Cloud Native

First class Kubernetes integration, putting continuous profiling into the cloud native era. Add any metadata about workloads to find and aggregate data naturally.


Polar Signals is built on years of experience of optimizing mission critical software. The user experience is focused, and undistracted, so you can find the answers you are looking for.

Runtime support

Polar Signals Continuous Profiling supports Go, with Rust, Python, NodeJS, and JVM on the roadmap. It only takes a few lines of code to instrument a process to be ready to be used with Polar Signals Continuous Profiler.

Open Standards

Polar Signals Continuous Profiling uses the widely adopted pprof format, which Go supports out of the box via the standard library.

Open Source

Polar Signals Continuous Profiler offering is based on the open source Conprof project.

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Our aim at Polar Signals is to allow you to see what's underneath the iceberg. We firmly believe performance and reliability are key features of any software.

Fast software is more enjoyable and productive to use. This reflects itself in the numerous research findings, where users frequently quit sites that are slow, and the faster a system, the higher the conversion rate.

At Polar Signals it is our mission to allow everyone to build software that is fast, reliable and enjoyable to use.

Meet the team

Frederic Branczyk
Frederic Branczyk
Founder & CEO
Thor Hansen
Thor Hansen
Staff Software Engineer
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Matthias Loibl
Senior Software Engineer
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Kemal Akkoyun
Senior Software Engineer
Sumera Priyadarsini
Sumera Priyadarsini
Junior Software Engineer

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