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Polar Signals Cloud is an always-on, zero-instrumentation continuous profiling product that helps improve performance, understand incidents, and lower infrastructure costs.
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With just one command and the easiest onboarding guide you’ll ever see, you can start saving costs and optimizing performance in your infrastructure.

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If you want to understand what you're applying here and what each individual Kubernetes object is for, check out the docs.

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Polar Signals Cloud Profiling Dashboard

Visualize and understand how your application behaves with Polar Signals Cloud's Icicle-Graph visualization.

Understand Incidents

Travel back in time to pinpoint incidents and issues. Profiling data provides unique insight and depth into what a process executed over time.

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Optimize Performance

Utilize profiling data collected over time to confidently and statistically identify hot paths for optimization.

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Save Infrastructure Costs

Many organizations have 20-30% of resources wasted with code paths that could be easily optimized.

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Custom-built to handle your unique profiling needs
Polar Signals Cloud employs an exceptional blend of technologies, purpose-built to deliver the profiling toolset essential for today's evolving infrastructure and applications.
Always on Profiler
Our profiling technology is built on top of eBPF, and that means, we are continuously monitoring and collecting performance data from the system, with a very low overhead (<1%).
Zero Instrumentation
With a zero instrumentation setup, deploy immediately and reap the benefits of actionable observability data. We support languages like C, C++, Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Rust, and many more.
Difference Detection
Our difference detection feature easily detects performance regressions, optimizations, or potential issues introduced in the codebase or application over time.
Production Monitoring
Monitor production environments to detect anomalies, capture detailed profiling data, and improve performance during runtime.
Prometheus-like Query Language
Slice-and-dice continuous profiling data using the selector-based language you already know and love from Prometheus. Add arbitrary dimensions to your data to make it reflect your organization, the tool will not force your organization to change.
Global View
Polar Signals Cloud allows you to view all profiling data across your entire infrastructure, this enables powerful workflows that allow you to find things to optimize that actually matter and will make a difference.
Filter by function
You already know what you want to optimize? Great! Use the filter-by-function functionality, and you have the profiling data to inform your development process available immediately. No manual profiling, or recreating of past scenarios, the data is already there!
Polar Signals Cloud allows comparing the result of any two queries against each other. Compare the CPU time of version X with version Y (to understand a performance regression), compare datacenter A with datacenter B, or just understand what code was executing at one point in time of a process vs. another point in time.
Loved by engineers and companies
Harness the power of continuous profiling to uncover hidden performance issues, analyze code execution, and optimize your applications in real-time.
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By making the root cause for most performance issues painfully obvious, Polar Signals Cloud lets our engineering teams skip the debate about why so they can focus on the fix.
A picture of Dan Gillespie.Dan GillespieCTO, Indent
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Polar Signals Cloud has become a critical product in our software lifecycle, from informing how and where to write high-performance code in development, to understanding how it behaves in production and using it to troubleshoot performance-related incidents. Nothing else gives us detail down to the process, thread, and line number and as actionable as Polar Signals Cloud can.
A picture of Nikhil Benesch.Nikhil BeneschCTO, Materialize
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There's really nothing quite like the magic of Polar Signals Cloud's simplicity. A single agent to deploy, no instrumentation of application code needed and all at practically unmeasurable overhead is a dream come true. We can just focus on getting value out of continuous profiling.
Jeroen SchepensHead of Cloud Infrastructure, Oqton
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Within 15 minutes of using Polar Signals we noticed an unexpectedly large (55%) CPU usage by a single workload.
A picture of Xander Garbett.Xander GarbettSRE, Thought Machine
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Polar Signals’ strategy with eBPF is the only way continuous profiling works with production workloads, anything else has too much overhead. We tried other tools and it was just performance prohibitive for us to use.
A picture of Jimmy Zelinskie.Jimmy ZelinskieCo-Founder, Authzed
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Merging samples is one of the most powerful workflows continuous profiling enables!
A picture of Rob Skillington.Rob SkillingtonCEO, Chronosphere
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Polar Signals allows us to troubleshoot and identify memory and CPU issues faster than ever before!
A picture of Sandor Szücs.Sandor SzücsPlatform Engineer, Zalando
Simple and Transparent Pricing
Our pricing is based on a usage-based model which means you only pay for the profiling data you send to us.
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for 14 days
A 14 day trial experience to experience Polar Signals Cloud and get acquainted with how useful continuous profiling can be to your infrastructure and application.
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per 10GB sent per month
A usage-based plan for teams with unlimited access to Polar Signals Cloud. Only pay for what you use with no fixed contract.
What’s included:
Unlimited collaborators
Profile Multiple Languages
Unlimited Organizations
Unlimited Projects
Discord & Slack Support
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For bigger businesses, looking for Premium Enterprise Support, custom SLA’s, or very large deployments.
All features in Pro Plan plus:
Custom Contracts
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Pricing Calculator
Estimate your usage when using Polar Signals Cloud. On average 1 vCPU produces 0.2GB per month.
250 vCPUs50 GiB
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