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Many organizations have 20-30% of resources wasted with code paths that could be easily optimized.
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Reducing the Cloud Bill

We can all use a smaller cloud bill. By visualizing all CPU time across the entire infrastructure in one report, Polar Signals Cloud allows you to focus improving only on those parts of the code that will actually have an impact on your cloud bill.

Identify Costly Operations

With Polar Signals Cloud, you can identify specific functions or queries that consume a significant amount of resources and contribute to higher cloud costs. By optimizing or rearchitecting these costly operations, you can reduce the resource requirements and, consequently, the associated cloud expenses.

Cost-aware Code Optimization

By understanding the cost impact of specific code changes, you can make informed decisions during development to prioritize optimizations that have a significant cost-saving potential. This cost-aware approach helps you write more efficient code and minimize unnecessary resource consumption.

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“Using Polar Signals Cloud allowed us to find a fleet-wide 35% CPU improvement only hours after deploying it to production, and has since informed several significant further improvements.”

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