AI-driven Performance Optimizations, Exciting New Customers, Board Expansion, and $10.8m in Total Capital Raised

March 12, 2024

I am thrilled to share some exciting news that marks a significant milestone in our journey. We have raised an additional $6.8 million in seed money, led by Spark Capital, with participation from GV, Lightspeed, Haystack, and Lorimer, as well as an incredible set of angels: Guillermo Rauch, Julius Volz, Monica Sarbu, Jimmy Zelinskie, Nikhil Benesch, and Erik Bernhardsson. Together with our original seed in 2021, that brings us to $10.8m in total capital raised.

This achievement is not just about the numbers; it's a testament to the trust and belief our investors, and more importantly, our customers have in our mission and vision. It's a validation of our team's hard work, dedication, and the innovative solutions we are building at Polar Signals. Our goal has always been to redefine the boundaries of the Observability industry. With this new funding, we are poised to accelerate our efforts, expand our reach, and deliver even more value to our customers.

I am particularly excited about the strategic expansion of our board. Joining me on this journey will be Natalie Vais, whose expertise and insights have already begun to make an incredible impact on our strategic direction. Furthermore, we are honored that Alex Polvi has agreed to be an independent board member! Alex has been advising me since before founding Polar Signals, so I’m excited to take it to the next level. His experience in building and leading companies has already been instrumental to where we are today, and I’m excited to have him on board for the continued journey of Polar Signals.

This success didn’t come out of nowhere. The entire team at Polar Signals has been at the forefront of innovation in Observability for many years. As such we’re honored to also share that Vercel has chosen Polar Signals Cloud as their continuous profiling platform which has been bringing invaluable insights into the operational performance of Vercel’s edge platform.

"Polar Signals has made (TLS) our terminator measurably more efficient!" - Casey Gowrie, Software Engineer at Vercel.

Not only is Polar Signals Cloud helping Vercel engineers write more efficient code during development, it also provides deep insight from an operational perspective.

"At Vercel we now understand the impact of DDoS attacks better thanks to Polar Signals Cloud. We can immediately pinpoint which part of our systems are under stress during highly variable loads. I’ve been especially impressed with the product holding up under such intense situations, it doesn’t always happen when we try products!" - Casey Gowrie, Software Engineer at Vercel.

Last but not least, up until now, our focus at Polar Signals has been to build the best product to measure and analyze performance profiling data. We are now expanding our strategy to help our customers turn these measurements into actual changes.

Introducing: AI-driven Performance Optimizations!

For a while, we’ve been quietly working towards this step, for example with our Source View feature. We now have all the ingredients:

  1. World-class LLMs at our disposal.
  2. Source code to optimize.
  3. Profiling data throughout time with precise metadata to link to source code.

With AI-driven Performance Optimizations, our customers can request suggestions to improve source code directly from the source view feature. The system will take all the data we have at our disposal to generate the best possible solution to improve the selected source code.

AI suggesting a code change in the Polar Signals API

We’re excited to make the Alpha of AI-driven Performance Optimizations available to a set of select customers today! This is just the beginning of this feature, but we’ve been experimenting with this for some time and want to get it into the hands of our customers as early as possible and get feedback and improve it in the coming months!

If you and your company would like to get access to AI-driven Performance Optimizations, sign up for Polar Signals Cloud and request access.

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Once again to our customers, investors, employees, and community: Thank you for being part of our story!

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