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Filter data to send

While Polar Signals strongly recommends sending all data infrastructure wide, there can be cases where it might make sense to selectively send data.


The Polar Signals Agent supports Prometheus relabel_configs to select data to be sent or not. Specifically any label-set that ends up empty after relabeling will be dropped, and the keep or drop action are short-hands for that.

Let's take an example where only data from specific namespaces in Kubernetes are configured to be sent.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: parca-agent-config
namespace: polarsignals
parca-agent.yaml: |
- source_labels: [namespace]
regex: '(team-a-.+|my-namespace)' # Regexes are already anchored, so they are automatically wrapped in `^regex$`.
action: keep

This configuration would send data from any namespace that has the team-a- prefix or an exact match to my-namespace.

To make sure this config is loaded by the agent, ensure that there is a volume defined for it in the agent's DaemonSet.

- configMap:
name: parca-agent-config
name: parca-agent-config

As well as a volume mount.

- mountPath: /etc/parca-agent
name: parca-agent-config

When there is a configuration at /etc/parca-agent/parca-agent.yaml, it is automatically loaded, but if you want to specify it to be somewhere else, then configure it via the --config-file flag.

      - args:
- --config-file=/etc/parca-agent/parca-agent.yaml

If you run into any difficulties, feel free to contact support.