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Setup collection using Snaps


Get an API token

To be able to send any data to Polar Signals Cloud, we're going to need an API token for the collection mechanism to authenticate with the Polar Signals API.

Please refer to the Generating Tokens documentation that has more details.

Bootstrap with cloud-init

If you're on a cloud or hypervisor that supports cloud-init you can get started easily like so:

- [install, parca-agent, --classic]
- [set, parca-agent, remote-store-bearer-token=<token>]
- [start, --enable, parca-agent]

Install manually

To setup collection on a machine that's already provisioned, use the following steps:

sudo snap install parca-agent --classic
sudo snap set parca-agent remote-store-bearer-token=<token>
sudo snap start --enable parca-agent

Learn more about the Parca Agent snap in the Parca docs.