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Inviting users to Organizations

Inviting team members to your Organization

You can invite team members to your Polar Signals organization. Once invited, the user can view any project within the organization, and administrate the organization (create new projects, invite new users, and more).

How to invite team members to your organization

Navigate to the organization settings page by clicking on the leftmost drop-down in the navbar to display a list of organizations and their projects indented respectively. Click on an organization to pull up the organization settings page.

Navbar Organizations dropdown

The organization settings page lists all existing members and features an Invite Users button. Clicking on the Invite Users button will open up a modal which can be used to either enter the email address of the team member you want to invite or get the invite link which can be shared with team members.

Invite users modal

After a team member has joined an organization, you can still manage their access from the organization settings page.